Flash fiction


I’ve been trying to submit at least one story a month, and I submitted “Suffocation” to 50-Word Stories on the 3rd of March. I’d forgotten and was messing around editing it, got distracted and started browsing 50-Word Stories - there are such fabulous stories there and all in only 50 words!

A new day

Marie takes a sip of her cocktail. She twirls the paper umbrella and glances across the table. “Am I supposed to be scared now?” “I’m not saying that.”


What do you pack when you have eight minutes to leave? I can barely hear my thoughts above the clamour of the alarm. I glance at a photograph above my bed.


The melody was familiar. How did the words go? Brown sugar. A good choice. I snatch up the phone. “Do you have it?” “Twice your usual. Like you wanted.