It’s a little while since this was published but I remain delighted to be included with so many delightful and thought-provoking haiku in the Fourth Australian Haiku Anthology. It’s been sitting on my bedside table for some time and I’ve never regretted picking it up and opening a page at random.


I’ve been trying to submit at least one story a month, and I submitted “Suffocation” to 50-Word Stories on the 3rd of March. I’d forgotten and was messing around editing it, got distracted and started browsing 50-Word Stories - there are such fabulous stories there and all in only 50 words!

Story of the Week

Oh, how wonderful to wake on a Monday morning and find this in my feed! “A Halloween Tale” was selected as story of the week at 50-Word Stories

A Halloween Tale

My take on A Halloween Tale

A murder on the wing

I love this little story published today on 50-Word Stories. I’ve been writing a daily story on Twitter using prompts from @vssdaily. Since 15 May 2022, I’ve written 79 very short stories.