Image credit: Hannah Grace, Unsplash

March Wins

My goal is to submit at least one piece every month. In March, I submitted three tiny stories (two drabbles and a seven-word story), a piece of creative non finction (CNF) and a poem.

Suffocation was published by 50-Word Stories and Don’t Look Back will be #1169 at 50 Give or Take.

My first piece of CNF will be published by Five Minutes in September. I’m equally terrified and thrilled by this. I’ve loved Five Minutes since I read my very first story there, Just a Haircut by Finnian Burnett. All of their stories are so deeply personal and so beautifully written, and I’m incredibly honoured to have my piece accepted. The acceptance came with such kind comments that I cried when I read it. I’m also terrified, because it is the most deeply personal thing I will ever have had published.

My seven-word story was kindly rejected by Ben at Nanoism and my poem was also kindly rejected by Dana Knott at Tiny Wren Lit, two other fabulous online magazines. I keep a record of my rejections because I count each one as a success. It’s always a bit scary sending something out into the world so I give myself credit for trying, and I learn from each rejection. Often a piece just isn’t ready yet. And that’s where I’m sitting now - with a bunch of pieces that aren’t ready yet and a novel that is many months from being ready.

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